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If throwing ANYTHING is part of your decision making strategy, should we call someone? Are you okay?

Because in my very professional opinion, your copy should be the last thing you leave up to the noodles.

Don't you want people to EAT UP what you're selling? CRAVE more of you? FEAST upon your offers?

That's what clicking the button below does for people.

They'd probably say
"STOP with the spaghetti facials!"

If walls could talk...

save the noods. hire me!

I got into school with a song and dance. Literally. I went for Musical Theatre, but what I really wanted was an MRS. degree. And I *did* fall in love in college—with mass comm?! (Talk about a plot twist.)

So, I changed my major and got to work. Before too long, my resume had become unrecognizable. Some of my most noteworthy accomplishments included: “drives well in a hoop skirt”, “adequate face painter” and “dog, dog, or dog balloon animal twister.” 

That’s right. l landed my lifelong dream job as a princess. Sure, it was for
sticky-fingered children’s birthday parties, but it counts.

I was an advertising intern by day, a PR student by night and an off-brand party princess by weekend. 

Turns out parents will pay ooooodles for a ball gown and a birthday song, so I pitched a new marketing plan to the Queen (my boss) and pitched myself as the Princess for the job.

I taught myself everything I needed to know about social media, web design and copywriting so I could:

✔ get more bookings

Hiiii, I'm Katie Pannell

creative director.
domestic disaster.

My cat ate my rags-to-riches story...

That’s it. Did you expect a list? HA, I was 20 and selfish.

But smart.

Learning how to write copy changed the trajectory of my career. 

Since 2017, I've written words for my clients that have facilitated in
5-figure days, 6-figure launches and 7-figure opportunities. 

The rest... well... is why you're here. ;) 


words I didn't write! WOW!


- Megan Kober, The Nutrition Addiction

The best part of working with Katie is that you don't actually have to work with her. She magically turns into you and writes your copy, but much better than you'd be able to.

I think I'd just prefer to have you do all my copy now.

- Jake Anderson, Podcast Marketing Radio

Before hiring Katie, I checked out her website and for the first time I actually read the entire sales page (trust me, that never happens. Even with some of the so called "greatest copywriters." Her style was exactly what I was looking for, and she delivered it all above expectation!

Copy with personality, something that people WANT to read.


I want this!

from: $500/month x 10
Timeline: 4 weeks

You know those entrepreneurs with the "now laugh at the camera" smile, sitting pretty in front of their laptops with an empty mug to the left? Yeah, those aren't my people.

My people are triple threats. They have clear & clever messaging (Blasphemy! I know!) copy pungent with personality, and a damn good creative direction that puts the icing on the whole experience.

*POOF* breadwinning personality meets persuasion

(Re) brand with bite

Brand Story Distillation

Messaging & Positioning Strategy

Creative Direction & Concept

6 Pages of Website Copy

Photoshoot Prep: Full Shot & Prop List including wardrobe, hair/makeup and expression recommendations

**Want me on set with you at your shoot? I have SkyMiles ;) 

Brand Messaging + Voice Style Guide

3-5 Relaunch Hype Emails

New Welcome Sequence

Upgrade Options:

Mmm, the main event: your website copy. I'll whip up breadwinning words that position you as the obvious choice, & make you a household name in your industry. (Fun, microcopy included!)



Giving you just enough to whet your audience's appetite, we'll work through "first impression" copy next: bio, content & brand story strategy, opt-ins and nurture sequences---making them hungry for the main event---



Let's start by setting the mood, shall we? We'll talk brand messaging, positioning, tone and of course creative direction so we can determine the overall ambiance for your brand.



Setting the Table

And if you choose to partake in a fully loaded, full-of-gluten dessert, I'll send you home with a full shot list and welcome sequence to sweeten up your buyer's experience.



My 4-course creative approach

words I didn't write! WOW!

read the case study

- Ashley Mae Fernandez, The Disrupt Effect

I never in a million years would have thought farts could be lucrative, but Katie made it happen. Every single detail from the photo styling, shot and prop list down to my copy is literal gold. She is the only person I would ever trust with my brand and copy.

Katie is a creative genius! I get non-stop compliments from everyone I meet!

words I didn't write! WOW!

About Page Web Copy Kit

web templates

Home Page Web Copy Kit

web templates

Reengagement Sequence

Email templates

Sales Page Web Copy Kit

web templates

Pre-order Now! $97

Ready now!

Pre-order the Web Copy Kits now. Delivery March 25.

Shop *new* templates!

Pre-order Now! $97

Pre-order Now! $97

Buy Now! $47

Sales Page

I want this!

from: $300/month x 10
Timeline: 2 weeks

Who doesn't want to pick up more money off the table?
It's not over until the post-purchase sequence ends.

part of a balanced launch

Or... might I interest you in a sales sandwich?

Landing Page

Thank you/Confirmation Page

Next Steps Email Sequence

Full Funnel Copy (8-15 emails for digital offers/products- hype sequence + sales sequence)


Setting Expectations Email

Mid-point Motivation/Check-in

30-day Post-purchase

60-day Post-purchase/
Feedback request


Upgrade Options:

*Most Important Part*

words I didn't write! WOW!

- Marisa Corcoran, Copywriter & Copy Mentor

I write copy all day, every day but it's nice to know there's someone you can trust when your creative juices feel zapped. Katie brought the juice. Thanks to Katie's help, this sales page brought in $257K in revenue (a mix of banked and booked because of payment plans.) and Katie is just a treasure. 

She added engaging and funny-as-hell headlines that definitely stopped the scroll...

- Jake Anderson, Podcast Marketing Radio

Before hiring Katie, I checked out her website and for the first time I actually read the entire sales page (trust me, that never happens. Even with some of the so called "greatest copywriters." Her style was exactly what I was looking for, and she delivered it all above expectation!

Copy with personality, something that people WANT to read.

I want this!

from: $2000
Timeline: 8 hours

What can I do in a day? 
✦ Punch up a 4-page website
✦ Spice up a nurture sequence
✦ Zhuzh a sales page

Basically, I can improve existing copy a lot, or write a little less than "a lot" from scratch. Run your project by me and I'll let you know if it's day-rate realistic. 

Need some copy quick?

Snack on a day rate!

We review & edit together!

Cheers to new copy! We'll co-edit together to make sure everything is *chef's kiss* by EOD. 

step 5

I write

Kill some time on other tasks--or not--while I write away the day! 

step 4

Our first call

Day of, we'll hop on a call to talk brand voice "isms," and clear up any lingering questions.

step 3

The questionnaire

I'll send you a beefy questionnaire a few days before so I can be sure I have everything I need to do your copy up "write."

step 2

Book your day rate

Fill out the form below,
talk dates to me.

step 1

Fill out the form below to get started.

Office hours are 10am to 6pm EST
Monday - Thursday

Ready to  toast  torch your old copy?

*Phew* Thank God you asked, I was about to invite myself and the sweet Georgia peach in me considers that a little rude. 

will you be on my podcast, guest speak in my program, and/or just talk to me?

I tried to come up with a cheeky answer for this but the truth is, if you're asking yourself that question...probably now or soon. I'm typically booked anywhere between 3 weeks to 2 months in advance. 

How soon do i need to book?

You want the good news or the bad news?
Good news: I *DO* offer 3-month retainers to previous clients exclusively.
Bad news: If you say the words "for my social media captions" my fingers break? So weird. 

basically, i don't want to write anything. please tell me you have retainers?

Yes. How does tomorrow sound? Let's get you on my calendar for a creative direction consult, and then we can talk concept, photoshoot, props, wardrobe, & makeup. I'll create a shot list. There are additional fees to have me on set at the shoot, but I feel like I'm getting ahead of myself here? Short answer: yes.

can i hire you to help me come up with a creative concept? or naming conventions?

Yes, but only if: 
- you have a validated offer
- your messaging is solid
- you aren't just throwing spaghetti and "helping people stand in their power." (I thought we talked about the noods thing?)

do you do *just* website copy? Or *just* a sales page?

Absolutely not. (I hope you can smell my sarcasm from there.) Payments can be broken into 6 installments for the rebrand package, 4 for the sales package, and 2 for day rates.

Do you offer payment plans?

"When are you available?" & other fun questions!

Check out the new template shop! 

Check out the new template shop! 

Check out the new template shop!