Chayse and I finished “The Office” this weekend. Again. I think we’ve seen it two or three times now. And even though I know what’s coming, the series finale always makes me full body, snotty, ugly sob. But ya know what I noticed this time that I hadn’t ANY other time? **This is the part […]

How to make “boring” sell.

Before the world turned upside, people used to get together with their friends pretty frequently! My friends and I liked to go thrift shopping, get manicures, or just drive-thru Chic-fil-a for an iced cold sweet tea and gossip. It was great!  Sometimes, we’d even get a little crazy and go to the grocery store together […]

Forget “Secret Sauce.” Your business is missing a secret SEASONING.

I write best when I’m angry or under pressure. True story. Usually, my written rants are the product of something I see on Facebook that SETS me OFF. Next thing I know, my brow is furrowed and my fingers are working up a sweat. It’s therapeutic really. Plus, you generally get something out of it […]

What “value” is REALLY, and what it isn’t.

Once upon a time I was a new business owner. Everyone and their mother kept talking about the elusive “list.” The money is in the list. You actually own your list. Your top dollar clients will come from your list. Serve, serve, serve, then sell to your list.  Okay, deal. But I was stuck when […]

How to Grow Your Email List Using an Interact Quiz

“Stand up, tell us your name, where you’re from and a fun fact about yourself.” No. Just no. Nothing makes us cringe more than those first day of class introductions. Why is that? We don’t really care all that much to know Jane from small townville won a hot dog eating contest in the 4th […]

How to write a foolproof bio