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Chayse and I finished “The Office” this weekend. Again. I think we’ve seen it two or three times now. And even though I know what’s coming, the series finale always makes me full body, snotty, ugly sob. But ya know what I noticed this time that I hadn’t ANY other time? **This is the part […]

How to make “boring” sell.

Before the world turned upside, people used to get together with their friends pretty frequently! My friends and I liked to go thrift shopping, get manicures, or just drive-thru Chic-fil-a for an iced cold sweet tea and gossip. It was great!  Sometimes, we’d even get a little crazy and go to the grocery store together […]

Forget “Secret Sauce.” Your business is missing a secret SEASONING.

I write best when I’m angry or under pressure. True story. Usually, my written rants are the product of something I see on Facebook that SETS me OFF. Next thing I know, my brow is furrowed and my fingers are working up a sweat. It’s therapeutic really. Plus, you generally get something out of it […]

What “value” is REALLY, and what it isn’t.