Not your mother's web copywriting class.
Template + Mentorship = Sweet heat. 


The chile lime lab



4 weeks to spicier website copy.

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Long story short, you'll love this.

Learn how to write a head turning homepage, an about page that's actually about them, a services page that sells itself, and a contact page that converts lurkers into leads.

Get my eyes on it before you hit publish, and get paid for just being you and doing what you do best.

Cut the fluff and start using proven copy formulas that translate anywhere you write words. (Hello- emails, SM posts, bathroom-mirror affirmations)

Part template
+ Web copy guide

Chile Lime Copy: (n) disrupts the monotony, fun to read, unexpected.

Put that shit on everything.

It's a bold flavor concoction at the corner of "screw it" and "I just want to stand out." Proven repeatedly. It just f*ckin works.

Like a good hot sauce,

Let's Recap, Shall We? What You Get... A lot.

96 Personality Prompts

Think journal prompts + an hour on a therapist's couch + a heart-to-heart with your best friend + those restless nights when your best ideas keep you awake.
I should mention, they're all in a Google Doc- easy instant access. ;)

Google Doc Web Copy Template

Blank page be damned! Use this template and your prompts in tandem to piece it all together. You're getting my exact outlines for the essential fab four: home page, about page, services page, and contact page.

Sample Sitemap & Four Suggested Design Layouts

Unpopular opinion: copy comes first. Copy loses its "oomph" when you try to make it fit a design template. Once you go through the copy template, the design layouts provided make PERFECT sense, and you won't have to cut copy or add fluff to fill the space! Huzzah!

Website Quality Assurance Checklist & Traffic Tracker

If you've ever DIY'ed anything, you know how easy it can be to misstep and drop a few balls. This checklist will help you make sure your copy (& in turn, your conversions!) is never one of the balls that gets dropped.
The tracker will help you monitor lead sources and trends.

Resources & Bonuses

Brand Recognition Checklist. Call to Action Word Bank. My signature Fluff Off Framework, and a list of ideas to get your audience pumped for your website launch... I mean... it's all here.

4 Weeks of Group Copy Coaching

I'm breaking down the do's and don't of EACH page of your website. You'll learn my signature chile lime method and my FLUFF OFF framework.

Personalized Feedback on Each Page

Stuck on something? Not sure if it makes sense? Think it could be spicier? I'll tell you. We'll have submission dates and deadlines to keep everyone accountable! Then I'll live critique on our group calls each week.

Exclusive FB Group

All our trainings and copy critiques will go down in our private group. It's a no fluff, no BS, no copy-shame safe space to get down, dirty and wordy. (Had to. Bite me.)

Don't want to wait?

Get the Personality without Preservatives Website Copywriting Guide NOW!


When does The Chile Lime Lab Reopen?

and more questions about the Chile Lime Lab

October 2020. Join the waitlist now!
Be the first to know when doors reopen and get $200 OFF the price of the Chile Lime Lab 2.0

How does this work? Do you do any of the writing for me?

Once you sign up you'll get the digital download of the guide. It's a PDF with links to your prompts and the copy template. Live trainings and feedback will all go down in our exclusive Facebook group! As for part II of that Q: Negative. This is a DIY website copy guide and template complete with ALL the resources you'll need to write killer copy. These are the exact same prompts I use with my 1:1 clients---which can double as great social media content fodder btw. 

What if I can't make it live for trainings?

We'll vote on the time that works best for everyone in the group. For everyone else, replays! And while I'm on the subject, you won't lose access until the following quarter. (Spoiler: This is def going to become a quarterly copy lab and the price will be DOUBLED if you miss out this round.)

How long do we have between trainings to write/submit feedback?

You can work as fast or slow as you'd like but if you want to keep up with the group and take advantage of my copy critique calls, you'll have 5 days between trainings. Sound fast or scary? NAH. Trust me, these prompts, the template and all the other resources make it easy to crank out ONE page at a time in 5 days ;) Ex: Home Page Training Monday. Home Page Critique Friday. You got this.

Will this work for my business?

Do you sell products/services online and feel like your web copy isn't a total "who's-that-babe-in-the-mirror" reflection of you? Yes. It'll work for you. However! (Sorry- gotta go here) Due to the nature of this being a DIY digital product, no refunds will be issued. Not that you'll want one.