come up with a better opening line than that.

I help you...

Oh look, another boring "I help [who] do [what]" Home Page.

Idk who needs to hear this but... STOP

Putting your personality into 3-5 content buckets. It doesn’t help anyone get to know you better.
Borrowing inspo from industry icons. You're probably cooler than them anyway.

Expecting all your sales to go down in the DMs. It's more fun to make money WITHOUT talking to people all day.

And for the love of JVN, stop talking about how you love fall & PSLs. That doesn't make you special. That makes you normal.

Join the Chile Lime Lab!

be so memorable you can't be ignored.


show website shame the door.


become a household name.


fame & success.
 & you guessed it, more money!


Personality, not for the sake of it.

But for the strategy of it. Translation: 

back by popular demand

(I've always wanted to say that!)

6 weeks to spicier website copy.

Not your mother's web copywriting class.
Template + Mentorship = Sweet heat. 

I can't let you take this Lab unsupervised.

But what's the fun in that?

This 6 week group copy coaching program has limited spots available & starts Oct 1st.
Live training times will be voted on by the group.

I mean, I could...

Week 2: Home Page

Week 1:
Establishing Tone

When you really think about it, copy is just the same 26 letters arranged in different ways all over a page. Easy, right? But what makes yours different than mine is all tone. Before we get into the good stuff, we'll start with establishing your unique tone of voice so all your copy sounds like you, and spreads smooth like buttah across your entire site.

"Don't judge a book by its cover" is a very wholesome and true life lesson. It just doesn't apply to home pages on the internet. You have less than 7 seconds to get AND KEEP someone's attention. Using my signature Personality without Preservatives Website Copywriting Guide (& template!) I'll teach you the essential questions your home page needs to answer them and the best copywriting formulas to do so. Then I'll shoot straight with you, if your work sucks... (but gently.)

Week 3: About Page

Is it about me? Is it about them? The age old question that should not be a question answered. We'll talk through how to make sure this page convert too, and how to make it totally unique to you without losing them. Of course, my eyes come with this training too. Noticing the theme yet? Template + Mentorship = Sweet Hea(r)t. The "r" is silent.

Week 4: Offers Page

Before someone asks, NOPE, this does not JUST apply to service-based businesses. This can be your "work with me," "shop," "experience," or "investment" page. All sites need a page solely to sell your sh*t on. This is it. In this training, we'll look at very specific prompts from the guide and configure them to fit each business model represented in our group. And as per usual---I'll give it a once over to make sure it's solid before your new site copy goes live.

Week 5: Contact Page

Remember that part from earlier where I talked about converting lurkers to leads? This is the page where that happens. If this page isn't done right (there is a wrong way-lemme tell ya.) then you've just lost a lead. I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen. 

Week 6: Hype & Heat

What's better than launching a brand new website that speaks instantly to your ideal buyer? Making sure it doesn't fizzle out after the hype. The last week of the Lab will be all about creating hype around your new messaging strategy/website, and how you can measure the results over time to be sure it keeps converting. I'll even throw some launch graphics at you so you can promote it all cute like. ;) 

What you'll learn inside the Lab

Elaine Jardon

“I don’t think I’m a bad writer, but I didn’t have a website and I wanted to get it right the first time. (And not sound like everyone else!) The alphabet soup prompts were the most valuable to me and really helped me add personality to my web copy and my Instagram captions too.” 

6 Weeks of Group Copy Coaching (Live)


All our trainings will take place LIVE over Zoom, but replays will live in our private group. It's a no fluff, no BS, no copy-shame, safe space to get down, dirty and wordy. (Had to. Bite me.)

Personalized Per Page Feedback & Weekly Office Hours.


I publish-proof your work! We'll have submission dates and deadlines to keep everyone accountable! Oh, and group feedback calls too. No writer left behind. And between trainings, I'll have office hours so anyone can pop on to work through a problem spot--or just chit chat. 

my personality without preservatives guide
(96 prompts + more!)


Think journal prompts + an hour on a therapist's couch + a heart-to-heart with your best friend + those restless nights when your best ideas keep you awake.
I should mention, they're all in a Google Doc- easy instant access. ;)

Google Doc Web Copy Template


Blank page be damned! Use this template and your prompts in tandem to piece it all together. You're getting my exact outlines for the essential fab four: home page, about page, offer page, and contact page.

Sample Sitemap & Four Suggested Design Layouts


Unpopular opinion: copy comes first. Copy loses its "oomph" when you try to make it fit a design template. Once you go through the copy template, the design layouts provided make PERFECT sense, and you won't have to cut copy or add fluff to fill the space! Huzzah!

Website Checklist & Launch Resources


If you've ever DIY'ed anything, you know how easy it can be to misstep and drop a few balls. This checklist will help you make sure your copy (& in turn, your conversions!) is never one of the balls that gets dropped. 

join now!

What's included:

Hey, I'm Katie!

Copywriter, flavor fiend, & proud anti-canned copy campaigner.

I'm the one your friend told you about when she was like, "You need to follow this copywriter, Katie, she's suuuuper against 'I help' statements, templates, industry clichés, made up -preneur words and all the fluff. Her ideas are so different and refreshing!"

I like your friend. My handle is @katiepannellco btw.

Who's this new brand of spice girl?

Is the Chile Lime Lab too "mild" for you?

Upgrade to VIP.

VIPs (*cough* All-Spice Girls) will get a 90-minute 1:1 session with me. 

Crank up the heat 

All Spice VIPs will get a 90 minute 1:1 messaging strategy session with me to use anytime during the 6 weeks. On our call, we'll review your Personality Prompts and choose which items would make for great social media fodder, and which are best suited for your website copy. Then, (the piece de resistance) we will co-write your homepage together! You read that right. No, I'm not drunk.

All Spice VIP Spots

Only 10 spots available.

I'm an All Spice VIP!

I'm an All Spice VIP!

Being nosey is encouraged.

“The Chile Lime Lab gave me permission to spend time on my copy. Before, it was fluffy and expected. But the lab took it from “ho-hum” to “HOLLA!” Because I was able to pull out my true self and inject more of me into my business, I’ve been able to weed out the riffraff [bad fit buyers] up front!”

From "ho-hum" to "holla!"

Laura M.

I had hired out for my copy a few times, but it always sounded vanilla. Not "me." Katie helped us to write with spice while also hitting the sales points that needed to be included in copy to make it effective. Now my web copy meets my client right where they are and walks them through the transformation I can provide while entertaining them (mostly with terrible dad jokes) along the way. The CLL is was truly EXACTLY what I was looking for but didn't even know existed.

The workbook alone is worth the price of admission!

Leslie M.

"After years of working in a corporate job, I struggled to find my voice and knew I needed more personality in my copy. Especially, my about page; I never liked it, but I had no idea what to write. Now I’m actually excited about it and it’s so much more me!"

SO much more me!

Jessica H.


"Hi! I'm Lori Spillane. I am a dedicated wife and mom to two beautiful girls. As a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, I have spent over 8 years in the accounting industry working with all types of service-based businesses ranging from small independent contractors to multi-million dollar corporations."



"I add more zeros to your bank account... like a lot more.
Trust me, I’ve heard it a bazillion times, accounting is about as sexy as a grandma’s dentures flying out of her mouth while blowing out the candles on her 90th birthday cake. What is actually sexy, is opening up your banking app and seeing how loaded you are."

Join The Chile Lime Lab! 

All Spice VIP!

6 LIVE Group Copy Coaching Sessions (VALUE: $1997)

Personalized Per Page Feedback
(VALUE: Literally priceless?!)

2 LIVE Feedback Sessions + Weekly Office Hours (VALUE: ^ see above.)

16 Page PDF Guide (VALUE $97)

13 Pages of Prompts (VALUE: $97)

14 Page Web Copy Template (VALUE:$197)

Exclusive FB Group


***A 90-Minute 1:1 Messaging Strategy Session*** (VALUE: $847)

3 payments of $500

6 LIVE Group Copy Coaching Sessions
(VALUE: $1997)

Personalized Per Page Feedback 
(VALUE: Literally priceless?!)

2 LIVE Feedback Sessions + Weekly Office Hours (VALUE: ^ see above.)

16 Page PDF Guide (VALUE $97)

13 Pages of Prompts (VALUE: $97)

14 Page Web Copy Template (VALUE:$197)

*BONUS* Icing on the Offer Naming Techniques Workshop
(VALUE: $97)


4 payments of $500

5 payments of $300


Wait... Couldn't I just buy the guide in your shop?

and more questions about the Chile Lime Lab

Totally. But this is way better. No argument.

How does this work? Do you do any of the writing for me?

Once you sign up you'll get the digital download of the guide. It's a PDF with links to your prompts and the copy template. Live trainings will go down over Zoom. The group will vote on what day of the week works best for most people. Replays will be in the FB group. As for part II of that Q: Negative. This is a DIY website copy guide and template complete with ALL the resources you'll need to write killer copy. These are the exact same prompts I use with my 1:1 clients---which can double as great social media content fodder btw. If you upgrade to VIP however... I'll co-write your homepage with you on our 90 minute call. ;) 

What if I can't make it live for trainings?

We'll vote on the time that works best for everyone in the group. For everyone else, replays! And while I'm on the subject, you won't lose access until the following quarter. 

How long do we have between trainings to write/submit feedback?

You can work as fast or slow as you'd like but if you want to keep up with the group and take advantage of my feedback, we'll follow a calendar that will be posted in the FB group. Between trainings, I'll have office hours so you can pop in and ask questions. Generally speaking, you'll have about a week per page to write and submit for feedback. Hard dates will be determined once we vote on trainings.

Will this work for my business?

Do you sell products/services online and feel like your web copy isn't a total "who's-that-babe-in-the-mirror" reflection of you? Yes. It'll work for you. However! (Sorry- gotta go here) Due to the nature of this being a DIY digital product, no refunds will be issued. Not that you'll want one.