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copy that Katie, let's get started.

Copywriting is as much brain as it is brawn. It takes ingenuity, wit and wisdom to persuade your clients to purchase. Basically, we want your words to take the brunt of the work. I've got a nifty little conversion copy cocktail recipe to make sure it does just that.

The elephant in the room: the investment.
Yes, good copy will cost ya. Bad copy will cost ya even more in the long run. I've answered some questions below that might help soften the blow. It'll only sting for a sec, I swear, then you'll make it back several times over.

How do I know you’ll get my voice right? 

How long does this process take? I’ll have you know I’m a busy business owner.

I may have left out this critical detail, but all that talk about singing on stages? Yeah, I still do that. My husband and I are wedding singers on the side and we spend a lot of time singing other people’s stories. Lyrics are some of the most compelling sales scripts. They evoke emotion, and connect people;  just like effective copywriting. Not to mention, my background (read: 5 years) in marketing taught me how to monetize a variety of products/services. 

As am I girlfriend. As am I. So I get it. On average, I’ll churn out your brand’s messaging/website copy in 4-6 weeks. Please keep in mind fewer revisions yield faster results. I can do a lot with words but I’ll need an hour or two of your time to talk strategy and get some critical details from you.

Do I really need this?
I don’t think my copy is all that bad.

Can I play favorites & customize a copy package? I don’t need all the bells & whistles.

Are you a photographer who says you love your job because you love capturing moments? No shit Sherlock. I wouldn’t hire a photographer that didn’t? Copy is what distinguishes you from a sea of sameness. Self check: Are you begrudgingly saying yes to projects you’re not jazzed about just to pay the bills? Do you spend more time thinking about what to write than writing? If your copy doesn’t scream YOU, and your clients still don’t understand what makes you special then yes---you really need this. 

That’s what they all say until the experience all the bells & whistles. ;) Just fill out the contact form if you have other ideas and I’ll see what I can do for ya. Just don’t ask me to write your social media captions. I have strong opinions about why that should be 100% ALL you.

Do you offer payment plans? 

Absolutely. Some clients prefer half down, half due upon project completion. Others prefer to pay in installments. However, I do not offer refunds due to the nature of my work. We won’t call it a wrap until you’re happy though! 

So does this work with web design?

Believe it or not, I start all my own design needs in Google docs. Meaning, it starts with words. If you have a template or a designer you’re using, great, I’d be happy to collaborate. But I’ve been DIY’ing my website since day 1 and I find it’s much more efficient to let words lead the way. I always include suggestions for design in the side bar comments though because I like to. ;)