How to Grow Your Email List Using an Interact Quiz

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How to Grow Your Email List Using an Interact Quiz

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Once upon a time I was a new business owner. Everyone and their mother kept talking about the elusive “list.” The money is in the list. You actually own your list. Your top dollar clients will come from your list. Serve, serve, serve, then sell to your list. 

Okay, deal. But I was stuck when it came to attracting leads to my list. I was still working a 9-5 and the thought of pouring more hours on top of my already full workload to create a pdf download, or a video series or a challenge exhausted me. There had to be a better way, a more fun, exciting, creative way.

Insert- Interact. 

Interact quizzes have been a lead gen game changer. I can provide value to my potential clients based on exactly the results they get. I can target my email campaigns to their exact needs. The best part? I create a kick ass quiz and walk away. The rest is left up to automation. 

Honestly, the benefits are numerous. 

  1. It’s sneaky market research. Based on the way visitors answer their questions, I know their biggest pain points. This lets me know that I’m on the right track when I’m serving them in other capacities. For example, my FB group, email campaigns, social media etc.
  2. I’m getting to know my ideal clients even better. Sure, it’s great to have the insights from even those that skip to the quiz result, but for those who follow through to the email subscription, now I really know what they’re after. More value. More time with my brand.
  3. I’m driving traffic to my website. A few posts on social media about my quiz and BAM–new eyes on the prize. Once they’re on my site they’re more likely to stay and look around a bit. Improved bounce rate. Improved brand awareness. Win. Win. 

Curious about how you can use quizzes for yourself? The rest of this post will spell it out for ya. It’s really as simple as Do-Re-Me.

First things first, ask yourself. Which type of quiz will you create?

One of the best features of this platform is the ready made quiz templates that span several different industries.

For my quiz, I selected a pre-existing quiz under the Marketing category then basically re-wrote it to fit my audience.


Interact allows you to choose from 3 different types.

Assessment: These types of quizzes have just one correct answer, and the end result is a total score based on the number of questions. Back to school days, folks. 

Personality: These are the fun ones in my opinion. Who hasn’t wasted an hour or two on fun personality quizzes? This type of quiz is also the most fun to share with your friends. Classic “I got…. what’d you get?!”

Scored: This type of quiz appeals to the overachiever in me. Is it possible to score high across the board?! In this quiz, you assign a value to each answer and the end results in a score range.

I digress… my quiz gives a personality result. And as I have already mentioned, I chose a done-for-you quiz and added my own personality. (See what I did there?)

Editing your quiz template

Yay! The fun part: branding your quiz. Make it pretty by adding in your own images (or grab a stock image from Pixabay!) and put your hex codes to work. 

Creating your questions

Here’s where the sneaky surveying comes in. Imagine your quiz is a fun version of a research project. What do you really want to know about your audience? Ask. My quiz has just 8 questions, but I gained SO much knowledge from it. It’s important to note here too, that you can add images to the question and answers. Images help keep your visitors engaged–especially if your quiz is kinda lengthy. Next steps? Connect your questions to the results! 

PRO TIP: Brainstorm all of your quiz content out in a Google doc or on paper first. This will simplify and speed up the process to have it all mapped out before you take it to tech!

Connecting Qs to As.

Your results section is undoubtedly the most important part of your quiz. Beef up these results! This section literally makes or breaks the lead. Don’t let this fall flat. 

In my quiz, I’ve added rather lengthy paragraphs that describe the personality result as well as action steps/recommended marketing strategies to best suit the result.

Call to Action

I lied. This is the part that makes or breaks your lead.

As with all things in business, you have to decide what you WANT to happen next. Do you want your quiz takers to learn more about your upcoming course or new offer? Do you want them to join your Facebook group? Do you want them to schedule a call with you?

Bonus tip: If you want them to schedule a call–now is your chance to tell them how valuable your 1:1 time is!


So let’s get to the meat of it–the elusive LIST building part!

Your quiz is almost ready to take the stage. You have great questions, you have accurate results, and a clear call to action. Now, we want to set it up for collecting the goods- aka email addresses!

*Note: If you’re outside the US, you should look into GDPR compliance rules!

Once your form is set up to collect the info you want– as much or as little as you see above, hook it up to your email marketing provider. In my case, I use Mailchimp. 

It’s smooth sailing from here on out, tiger. You can make your email campaigns that follow your results as result-specific as you’d like. I have all of my results funnel into my main email list. If you choose to make specific campaigns per result, Interact gives you the capability to connect each result to a specific campaign. So. Cool.

Publish & promote your new favorite business tool.

Your options are almost endless here. You can embed the quiz on your site as I’ve done, or share it on social, or add it as a pop-up, or all of the above over a decent amount of time. (You can overwhelm your audience so give ’em a little space between promotions!)

Final thoughts: If you want to raise brand awareness, generate constant new leads, mark yourself as an industry leader, and hello– be the fun business on the block, ADD a quiz to your marketing strategy!

I’ve loved engaging with new members of my facebook group and finding out they found me through a friend who’d shared her marketing spirit animal result! Here are some other ways I’ve promoted this quiz: IG stories, my FB group, and shooting an email to existing list!

So what do you say? Are you ready to create your own Interact quiz?

Give it a trial run: each plan allows you a free 14 day trial period! That’s plenty of time to attract new visitors and get new leads!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I earn a commission if you subscribe to Interact.

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