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The same great web copy content you love---with a twist. 

You want something.

Something, anything, to kill the craving.

The kitchen is dimly lit by the light of the fridge. It's late. Really late. 

The crunch of a pickle, the first scoop of a new jar of peanut butter, the forkful of leftover birthday cake.

Just a little snack.

Something to nibble on.

what tastes better than bringing home the bacon feels?

What if your website copy gave your audience the same satisfaction?

And mmmmm is it good from the first bite to the last...

yes please!

Total confidence in your writing abilities

Whipping up words in record time without doing recon on your competitors first 

Having permission to be both CLEAR AND CREATIVE (Blasphemy! I know!)

More money, fame and fast cars---if that's what you're into.

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get a heaping spoonful of...

Homemade copy that doesn't taste like it came from a can...

Home pages that don't start with an "I help" statement or a cop-out "Hey Friend!" headline...

About pages that don't highlight a coffee obsession...

Sales/Services pages that don't give you hand cramps...

Contact pages that don't have ANY copy?!

oops, did I just write *my* pain points?

My fingers must've slipped. 

oh sorry! I was thinking about *my* pain points?

My fingers must've slipped. 

I hope you're hungry for...

• Private Podcast Audio Lessons • Emailed Copy Examples + Additional Resources • Google Doc Web Copy Template  • Chile Limette Official Copy Cookbook • Delicious bonuses •

The Chile Lime Lab: Midnight Snack Edition

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"Not only did I walk away with a website I'm SURE reads well (because Katie told me so), but I also have more confidence writing for my business than I ever thought possible."

- Sophie Haren, Graphic Designer

Step 03.

Step 02.

Step 01.

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As soon as you join, you'll get an email with a link to your course dashboard where the copy templates and resources will be located as soon as we start January 10th. Closer to go-time you'll also get a link to the private podcast where you can listen on the streaming service of your choice. (Technology, am I right?!) 

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Listen to the podcast episodes on your own time, at your own pace. You'll also get an email every day for 30 days, with a written lesson (kinda like show notes!) before/after examples, copy "starters" & additional resources to help you implement what you've learned from the podcast episode.

listen & read up

Put all your new copy knowledge to work! Using the templates and resources, it's time to "chile lime" your website words. Have fun with it, and keep your eyes peeled for 3 Pop-Up Hot Seat sessions for feedback! 

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The Midnight Snack Edition is open at all hours---

for whenever the craving calls

What's Included:

A 16-page guide including all the pre-writing prompts you didn’t know you needed to get clarity on your message, your offers, your ideal buyer, and even--what makes you you. Think journal prompts + an hour on a therapist's couch + a heart-to-heart with your best friend + those restless nights when your best ideas keep you awake.

Over the course of 30 days beginning January 10th, I'll be emailing you written lessons & supplementary content to accompany each podcast episode. The Email lessons will have PLENTY of before/after examples, copy "starters" to get your creative juices going and additional resources to make the actual "doing" a breeze.

30 Days of Copy Lessons + Examples

15 Private Podcast Episodes 

It's a no fluff, no BS, no copy-shame, safe space to get down, dirty and wordy. (Had to. Bite me.) As for the hotseats, during our 30 days together, I'll host 3 Pop Up Hot Seats so you can publish-proof your work! You'll know about them in advance, We'll have submission dates and deadlines to keep everyone accountable! My promise to you, I'll shoot straight with you if your work sucks... (but gently.) No writer left behind. 

Copy loses its "oomph" when you try to make it fit a design template. Once you go through the copy template, the design layouts provided make PERFECT sense, and you won't have to cut copy or add fluff to fill the space!  And if you've ever DIY'ed anything, you know how easy it can be to misstep and drop a few balls. This checklist will help you make sure your copy (& in turn, your conversions!) is never one of the balls that gets dropped. 

Private FB Group & Pop-Up Workshoppin'

4 Suggested Design Layouts, Website Checklist & Launch Resources 

Pop something in or over your ears and get ready to take notes!  Podcast episodes will begin dripping in January  in 4 phases. 
January 10th: Prep + Messaging Phase
January 17th: Personality + Creative Concept Phase
January 24th: Fab 4 Web Copy Pages Phase
January 31st: Launching & Testing Phase

Blank page be damned! You're getting my exact outlines for the essential fab four pages: home, about, offer page, and contact page. I should mention, the template includes some headline starters so you have exactly 0 excuses to be “stuck.”

The Chile Limette Official Copy Cookbook

Google Doc Web Copy Template 

Delectable & Digestible Episodes

What’s included in The Chile Lime Lab:

BONUS episodes
















How to be successful in the Lab: Midnight Snack Edition

Putting in the pre-writing work

Out with the “WHY” in with the “WHAT”

The C.R.A.V.E method for copy with savory, flavory personality

Headlines, headlines, headlines

Women, 25-50, & other ICA characteristics that aren’t really helpful (& what to know about them instead)

"From ho-hum to holla" Home Pages (in the words of a CLL alumna)

Why there is so much coffee talk on About Pages... and what to do about it.

Writing sales pages that people *actually* read

The land of missed opportunity: Contact Pages

Little words. Big difference. Microcopy.

The scoop on SEO

Ideas for launching your new site

When writer's block strikes

Keeping tabs on your web traffic

Crumbs from Chile Limettes past: 

What You Get

 15 private podcast episodes 
30 days of email lessons & examples
2 bonus trainings on Web Design & Content Writing
The Official Chile Limette Copy Cookbook
4 Website Copy Templates
4 Suggested Design Layouts
Private FB group
 3 Pop-up Hot Seats

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Phase 1

Imitation ISN’T flattery, it’s lazy. The pre-work is the most important part. This is the foundation you’re building your brand on. This module includes “homework” that will reprogram you to clearly articulate your message, who it’s for and who YOU are so you never feel the urge to fall back on templates, plug-n-play freebs, or borrow ideas from your competitors.

Prep & Messaging

The Spread

✦ Why role playing at cocktail hour is the best way to gain messaging clarity.

✦ How to effectively skip the small talk with your audience & build an exclusive invite-only community.

✦ How to get your clients to write the copy for you & what questions to ask them.

No seriously, I'm not just being cheeky. 
This course is intentionally dripped out in 4 phases to help pace your writing and prevent you from sticking a spoon in a tub of ice cream in defeat.

Phase 2

Personality & Creative Concepts

I built my brand around a spice from the cabinet. My client built hers around farts. Another built hers around a fictitious life of crime. You can build yours however you want and make it work. I promise.

✦ 96 personality prompts that justify Netflix binges

✦ How choosing a concept informs every decision in your business

✦ Effective ways to write clear, clever, and creative copy without confusing or losing your audience

Phase 3

Fab 4 Essential Web Copy Pages

"Don't judge a book by its cover" is a very wholesome and true life lesson. It just doesn't apply to homepages on the internet. You have less than 7 seconds to get AND KEEP someone's attention.

 Phase trois is the piece de resistance! We'll cover home pages without "I help" statements or "Hi, I'm ___" headlines, About pages without coffee consumption stats, Sales pages people ACTUALLY read, and the ever-important, often overlooked Contact page that seals the deal.

✦ The #1 expectation to set with red hot leads and why it matters
✦ Where to infuse personality on the shortest page of your site
✦ Deal breakers and why you need to state them  Exactly how to make the 2nd most important page of your site your #1 referral source 
✦ The line between too much vulnerability and not enough---because there is one.
✦ My 3-question method to writing irresistible FAQs
✦ Using “risk” to determine the length & depth of your sales page
✦ The easy way to expedite know, like, and trust
✦  How to sum up what you do into 1 sentence
 before they click anywhere else on your site

Phase 4

Launching your site & Testing it

Yay! You have new website words... now what? Now we create some hype around your website launch,  and install tools that tell us what's working! 

✦ Self-check for tone consistency and brand congruency against this list
✦ The reason why UX/UI designers make bank and the simple hacks to make your website more user friendly.

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To get you ready to write in January, I'm including my foundational copywriting course: Personality without Preservatives! 

This course will help you develop your brand voice, hone your message, and nail down your ideal client.

this course is 2 for 1!

Beginning January 31st after you've had a week to start writing your website copy using all the juicy episodes & emails, we'll begin live workshopping your words! 

I'll be hosting 3 pop-up sessions over Zoom where you'll get live feedback on your writing! Details will be emailed in advance, of course ;) 

Workshop your words

And for your sweet tooth---Bonuses!

*black friday bonus*

Now through December 3rd


"Based on my Google Analytics since having my website redone with new copy...

There has been a 118% increase in people going directly from home --> Contact.
And a 52% increase from home --> Services."

Ashley's Transformation




"I'd say 70% of my clients now say they knew I was the right gal for the job after visiting my Chile Lime-ed Site. They come to the sales call already sold, and they're ideal clients too!"

Sophie's Transformation



I want a website transformation LIKE THESE!

A lot of people hate writing for or about themselves.

Hey, it’s me, Katie Pannell.

(The double “n”, double “l” makes “panel” sound French. It’s not, but if someone calls me Katie Panel you’re gonna see me “Sacre bleu!” all over this page.)

Princess story or scroll.

So I pitched a new marketing plan to the Queen, and pitched myself as the Princess for the job.

I taught myself everything I needed to know about social media, web design and copywriting so I could:

✔ get “The Ice Queen,” “The Sleepy Beauty,” “The Frog Princess” and I (I’ll let you guess who I played!) more bookings

That’s it. 

Did you expect a list? HA, I was 20 and selfish.

I'm not one of those people.
And my specialty is making sure you're not either.

Once upon a time, I put “drives well in a hoop skirt” as a skill on my resume. Right next to “adequate face painter” and “dog, dog, or dog balloon animal twister.” 

I was an off-brand party princess by weekend and a PR student by night. Literally, I took night classes because by day, I was cold-calling about ad space in a swimwear magazine. 

But smart.

Learning how to write copy changed the trajectory of my career. No more wigs. No more ball gowns. No more cold-calls. Just connections, conversations, and CASH. 

Painting sticky-fingered children’s faces was more fun, and it paid more. A lot more.

→ One of my clients had a $10K DAY from her web copy alone
 (which became her new monthly minimum!)
→  Another had a $257K launch with a sales page I'd written
→ One of my students sells high 4-figure packages like quarter candy
→ And they ALL stop looking at everyone else for ideas, inspiration and validation

As for me, I sign the most amazing clients using the exact web copy strategies I teach in the Chile Lime Lab: Midnight Snack Edition

And a few more gigs later, after I took my writing skills online…

Here comes that list you were looking for earlier: 


“I’d been trying to learn copywriting for a while and had picked up some good tips, but Katie’s trainings were jam packed. From writing my first ever services page to physical product descriptions, what Katie taught me has been invaluable.
- Toni 

I had hired out for my copy a few times, but it always sounded vanilla. Not "me." Katie helped us to write with spice while also hitting the sales points that needed to be included to make it effective. Now my web copy meets my clients where they are and walks them through the transformation while entertaining them (mostly with terrible dad jokes) along the way. The CLL is was truly EXACTLY what I was looking for but didn't even know existed.
- Leslie 

“The Chile Lime Lab gave me permission to spend time on my copy. Before, it was fluffy and expected. But the lab took it from “ho-hum” to “HOLLA!” 

I was able to pull out my true self and inject more of me into my business, I’ve been able to weed out the riffraff [bad fit buyers] up front!”

- Laura 

"After years of working in a corporate job, I struggled to find my voice and knew I needed more personality in my copy. Especially, my about page; I never liked it, but I had no idea what to write. Now I’m actually excited about it and it’s so much more me!"
- Jessica 

”I’ve gotten so many compliments on my site since it launched in January, and I’m still getting them! The CLL not only helped me write my website, but it changed how I write everything!”

"When my web designer asked if I had my copy ready, I told them I’d taken your course and their response was “Oh yeah, we’ll be set!”
- Amy 

What You Get

 15 private podcast episodes 
30 days of email lessons & examples
2 bonus trainings on Web Design & Content Writing
The Official Chile Limette Copy Cookbook
4 Website Copy Templates
4 Suggested Design Layouts
Private FB group
 3 Pop-up Hot Seats

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Starting at $497