have you any flavor?!

Blah, Blah, "Boss Babe"

In a space where everyone says "I help (who) do (what)" and everyone else just drops a naked link (www.instagram.com/iblendin)...standing out really isn't hard.

Especially if you have a chile lime line in your pocket.
The right one liner will help you:

Develop relationships easier and faster. A chile lime bio will do the ice-breaking for you.

Get cold leads straight from super long comment threads. Yup. It's possible.

Pitch your services. Pitch your groups. Pitch your offers without feeling salesy.

Forget "Secret Sauce."
Learn My Secret Spice.

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Can we all agree to stop with the bland brand statements?

A chile lime line is the cure to the infectious "I help" templated way to talk business.

What it is: A one-liner to get people talking (to you, or about your offer!)
What it isn’t: A pitch or a boring well-rehearsed sentence that doesn't actually help your audience understand you or your business at all, and ironically, makes you sound like everyone else who uses the same format to describe vastly different industries. Yiiikes. Whose idea was that?

Chile Lime Copy: (n) disrupts the monotony, fun to read, unexpected.

Put that shit on everything.

It's my signature flavor formula (read:concoction) at the corner of "I'm a great writer, I don't need these templates!" and "But wait, how do I actually stand out?" Proven repeatedly. 

Like a good hot sauce,

Hello, instant connections and conversations! I've never met a character limit I couldn't conquer. Using my short & sassy bio formulas, you'll be able to introduce yourself, your business, and share those ever-important fun facts about yourself without feeling like your profile is devoid of personality.
(Mkay, I confess--- Day 1 is my selfish attempt to abolish "I help" statements everywhere.
We can do better. Promise.)

Learn how to: Spice up your bios

How's "I'd love to be considered!" working for ya? Is just dropping your link converting? I get it, those comment threads get deep, but being the first to comment isn't the only way to get noticed. I'm revealing 4 ways I keep my pitches fresh and flavorful, and how you can adapt them to fit any situation that calls for it.
(This absolutely includes how to explain to your friends and family what you do on the internet all day.
Bless them, they just don't get it.)

Pitch In "Pick Me" Threads

No explanation needed right? You need a quick pitch in your pocket for promo threads, introducing your latest offer, or even adding a P.S. line to your email newsletter, etc.
If you can't sum and sell your paid offer in a sentence or tow, why bother with a 3-5k word sales page that no one wants to read anyway... Did I just type that out loud? Yup, and I'll do it again. No one wants to read 3-5k words about your offer. Give 'em the chile lime line. 

Promote Your Paid Offers

Hey, I'm Katie!

Copywriter, flavor fiend, & proud anti-canned copy campaigner.

I'm the one your friend told you about when she was like, "You need to follow this copywriter, Katie, she's suuuuper against 'I help' statements, templates, industry clichés, made up -preneur words and all the fluff. Her ideas are so different and refreshing!"

I like your friend. My handle is @katiepannellco btw.

Who's this new brand of spice girl?

"That single post, that I only posted in 1 place... got me more people joining my group than I have on any other day."
- Jamie

Not-so-humble brags:

***This mini course originated as a 3-day challenge***


Which platforms will this Chile Lime Method work for?

You can use the chile lime method for anywhere you write words because it's all about embracing your unique personality and pairing it with buyer psychology and proven persuasion methods. However, the lessons are created primarily for IG/FB bios, and pitching/promoting your offers in Facebook groups. 

Is this the same thing as The Chile Lime Lab?

Negative ghostrider. This mini course focuses on the important introductory copy bits (bios, pitches & promos) that drive traffic TO your website. The Chile Lime Lab is my high-level 4 week website copywriting group mentorship program. It opens once a quarter, but you can get your hands on this mini any ol'time.

Will I be able to get feedback on my chile lime lines?

Oh you'll get feedback alright. On average, students start getting compliments on their spicy new bios within 24 hours. Others have gotten new leads (& even clients) within in a week! But if you want MY feedback personally, pop into the Fluff Off Facebook group and submit your Qs for our monthly Fluff Off-ice Hours, where I host co-writing sessions & copy critiques.

How long will this take to go through?

You'll get immediate access to the course videos, workbook, and bonus resource. If you're the binging type, it'll replace 3ish episodes of The Office to get through the course, and maybe another 1-2 episodes to implement. Super quick. (We're talking 2-3 hours total, maybe?)