Does anyone *really* want the laptop & empty coffee mug brand photos...

...the "I don't know who needs to hear this" headlines... 

...the "Copy that Converts" boring program names... 

Or are we filing those tired tropes under
"familiarity sells"...?

Let me show you what *really* sells.

I'll give you a clue... 

Candy for your brain.
Bite for your business.

"game changing" (LOL) services

Brand voice guide

Website copy

Photoshoot direction

Product/company naming

Launch Copy

product/packaging copy

bios & pitch writing

copy subscription

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Hot & Fresh

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Anyone can do what I do.

Phone a funny friend and Google "how to write good copy," - done. But I don't just deliver pages & poses.

I call bullsh*t on "know, like, and trust."
I ask better questions than "what's your ideal client's deepest desire?"
-- which is oddly sexual.
I have a degree in PR, and 8 years in marketing.
I know the rules and when to break them.

So, I broke traditional packages first. 

The ones that only include the deliverables you *think* you need. 

I know better. You deserve better. 

My packages are designed to fill ALL the gaps in the customer experience and create a consistent character throughout -- from the first impression through the part where they tell all their friends about you. (Isn't that a nice way to say "last"?) 

And they're all custom because duh.

New Ingredients, Better Results!

Everything starts with

Custom packages *always* include:

Remember 6 seconds ago when I said I go beyond the deliverables you think you need?
(Had to reiterate that in case you skimmed over it...) 

All of my work includes strategy, AND these other things I've deemed critically important to the success of your brand. You can try to fight me on them, but I've got an arsenal of persuasion techniques and I'm not afraid to use 'em. For your own good. 

brand strategy | Messaging | Positioning | Concept

Meat & Potatoes

A 60-minute messaging & positioning strategy call 

Creative brief brand questionnaire(s)

Brand story distillation session

Totally original creative concept

Word bank

Project mood board

add one or more of these


$6500 or 6 payments of $1085
Timeline: 4-6 weeks

Let me be blunt -- no one cares about your new website unless you give them a reason to.
So, let's give them a reason. (See: the launch campaign + hype sequence) 

*POOF* breadwinning personality meets persuasion

For a brand with bite!


The "meat & potatoes" above AND...

5 pages 


Opt-in form copy (to plug your email list!)


Services/1 Sales page

Other (your choice!)

(Re)brand launch campaign strategy

4 accessory pages + microcopy 

Two (2) rounds of revisions

Collaboration with your designer, photographer, etc.

Error 404

Coming Soon

Confirmation/Thank you

3-5 Hype email sequence 

The Essential"Character Shoes" brand personality + voice guide


Don't forget to explore these other options too!


$3500 or 6 payments of $585
Timeline: 2-3 weeks

Yeah, yeah, all hail the mighty bean juice. Unless you're in the coffee business, you have *no* business taking laptop-&-empty-mug--fake-a-laugh!!!-ha-ha-ha brand photos. And don't get me started on the "but-I-always-work-in-my-lingerie-and-a-blazer" look. Presenting: the alternative...

"coffee is my brand" - almost everyone

Never post another mug shot!

Prop list

The "meat & potatoes" above AND...

Custom storyboard & shot list based on your brand stories & core message(s)

Set/location suggestions

Hair/makeup suggestions


My "Photogenic AF" Pose Guide

Virtual collaboration with your photographer
(IRL on-set for an additional fee)

Don't forget to explore these other options too!

Ask me about being your Creative Director on-set. Have bags, will travel.

Company Naming Includes:


And now, a quote from a client: "Simply having a creative name for my business and products increases my customer experience. They immediately smile and "get it." They're basically sold before I even sell, and NOBODY in the market has a similar creative direction. - Emelie, verified client

*Name -- you can't help yourself, can you?

Go ahead, judge by the cover*

The "meat & potatoes" above AND...

Naming guide

Marketplace & competitive landscape research

Linguistics screening

Don't forget to explore these other options too!

Product Naming VIP Day Includes:

The "meat & potatoes" above AND...

Naming guide

All *new* creative quest ;) Ask me about this!

90 minute collaborative jam session

Preliminary Google, trademark, social media & URL availability

Preliminary Google, trademark, social media & URL availability

Name(s) presentation & rationale

Two (2) additional rounds of names until we get it! 

$1500 | TIMELINE: 1 DAY


$7500 or 6 payments of $1250
Timeline: 4-6 weeks

Surprise! The secret to a successful launch is having a consistent voice throughout all your launch copy, and not dropping the ball on the client experience because you were too busy making reels during open cart week.

the runway to record revenue

Talk profit to me

Welcome/setting expectations

The "meat & potatoes" above AND...

Landing page

Confirmation/login email

30-day check-in

Motivation/check-in email

Thank you/confirmation page

Sales page (whatever length is necessary -- they don't all have to be long form. Trust me on this!)

Don't forget to explore these other options too!

Next steps sequence

Testimonial ask

8-12 sales email sequence

Two (2) rounds of revisions


contact for custom pricing
dependent on number of products

"Omg this ad is so fun, I have to buy this." - Your customer 
"Confirmation: 182930. Thank you for your order!" - Your automated sales software
"What'd I buy again?" - Your customer 

Ooof. I hate that experience for them. Let me help.

copy for a complete customer experience

See it through to the review

Shipping notice

The "meat & potatoes" above AND...

2 core web copy pages (usually home & about!)

Order confirmation

Feedback request

Product tips/story

Checkout page copy

Next steps sequence

Don't forget to explore these other options too!

Product descriptions

Packaging copy

30-day post purchase (re-order if applicable)

Abandoned cart sequence

For hosting...


This package is as much for me as it is you -- oops. You perfect your talking points, and pitches, parade around podcast land as host/guest speaker extraordinaire and I get to tell my parents I'm actually using my PR degree! Win, win! 

Have them hanging on every word you [we] say ;)

Please, tell me more

The "meat & potatoes" above AND...

Podcast intro & outro

Host profile (aka your bio - first & third person)

Pitch email to secure guests for your show

Don't forget to explore these other options too!

For guest speaking... (VIP Day!)

The "meat & potatoes" above AND...

Speaker one-sheet

Pitch email template to book shows

Podcast page for your site

Two (2) rounds of revisions

$1500 | TIMELINE: 1 DAY

Promo email template to send your guests when their episode goes live

First & third person bios

Topics/talking points

Of course you do, you're an intellectual. Apply for a custom proposal:

woo! Applying!

So, you agree? Fun sells?

words I didn't write! WOW!

read the case study

- Ashley Mae Fernandez, The Disrupt Effect

I never in a million years would have thought farts could be lucrative, but Katie made it happen. Every single detail from the photo styling, shot and prop list down to my copy is literal gold. She is the only person I would ever trust with my brand and copy.

Katie is a creative genius! I get non-stop compliments from everyone I meet!

words I didn't write! WOW!

I want this!

from: $1500
Timeline: 8 hours

What can I do in a day? 
✦ Punch up a 4-page website
✦ Spice up a nurture sequence
✦ Zhuzh a sales page

Basically, I can improve existing copy a lot, or write a little less than "a lot" from scratch. Run your project by me and I'll let you know if it's day-rate realistic. 

Need some copy quick?

Snack on a day rate!

We review & edit together!

Cheers to new copy! We'll co-edit together to make sure everything is *chef's kiss* by EOD. 

step 5

I write

You just take the day off ;)

step 4

Our first call

Day of, we'll hop on a call to talk brand voice "isms," and clear up any lingering questions.

step 3

The questionnaire

I'll send you a beefy questionnaire a few days before so I can be sure I have everything I need to do your copy up "write."

step 2

Book your day rate

Fill out the form below,
talk dates to me.

step 1

*Phew* Thank God you asked, I was about to invite myself and the sweet Georgia peach in me considers that a little rude. 

will you be on my podcast, guest speak in my program, and/or just talk to me?

I tried to come up with a cheeky answer for this but the truth is, if you're asking yourself that question...probably now or soon. I'm typically booked anywhere between 3 weeks to 2 months in advance. 

How soon do i need to book?

You want the good news or the bad news?
Good news: I *DO* offer 3-month retainers to previous clients exclusively.
Bad news: If you say the words "for my social media captions" my fingers break? So weird. 

basically, i don't want to write anything. please tell me you have retainers?

Yes, but only if: 
- you have a validated offer
- your messaging is solid
- you aren't just throwing spaghetti and "helping people stand in their power." (I thought we talked about the noods thing?)

do you do *just* website copy? Or *just* a sales page?

Absolutely not. (I hope you can smell my sarcasm from there.) Payments can be broken into 6 installments for the rebrand package, 4 for the sales package, and 2 for day rates.

Do you offer payment plans?

"When are you available?" & other fun questions!