Web Copy that captures the total essence of you.

Eau De Vous

You'll be irresistible to all who get a whiff of your website! 

Imagine how much easier your life would be if you could bottle up your personality (your signature scent!) and spritz your website with some additional client-attraction pheromones. Dreamy, right?

And totally doable---with copywriting. 

Try it!

For copy that doesn't stink!

Long-lasting. Fresh.
Highly Concentrated.

get personality-concentrated copy.


1. A musician, designer, artist, painter, photographer, writer, coach, etc. 
2. One who takes pride in individuality, non-conformity, and/or pandemonium.
3. Natural thought leader, influencer, one who possesses innate gifts & talent.
4. A risk taking entrepreneur unwilling to give up or back down from their dream; will not stop until their passions are profitable.

Brand Messaging & Web Copywriting for Creatives

1. You're someone who takes pride in individuality, non-conformity, and/or pandemonium.
2.  You're a natural thought leader, influencer, one who possesses innate gifts & talent.
3.  You're a risk-taking entrepreneur unwilling to give up or back down from their dream; unfazed by the competition, what others say or think about them; unapologetically you.

4. You're a brilliant success story in the making if only your copy could write itself.

Your Signature Scent in Action

Here's what happens when you spritz eau de vous on your website:

Helloooo expert authority & all the perks that come with it. (Cha-ching!)

Did I mention the sales-attraction pheromones?!

Sound authentic without trying to sound "authentic" (Since when has that ever worked?)

Leads land on your site and know you're the one they're looking for faster than you can say "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."
You sang it didn't you? 

What You Get

6 Pages of Custom "Eau de Vous" Web Copy

She's beauty, she's grace, she's Miss Personality of the online space! You'll get up to 6 pages of copy that actually sounds like you, is SEO keyword rich, and does most of the leg (read: lead) work for you.

In case you're all, "Tell Me More, Tell Me More" a la Grease

Brand Messaging Catalog

A quick reference catalog of all your -isms. Words you say, how you say them, how you type them, etc. Your catalog will keep you #onbrand when the last thing you want to do is send out an email or post on social. It will grow as you go, but you can sleep soundly knowing your brand identity will not be compromised if you pass the pen to your VA, partner, or cat. It’s THAT thorough.

Cocktail Hour

Cheers to you and your eminent success! Before I step into my next pair of shoes, I want to make sure you feel confident about your message and answer any final questions you may have about using your brand messaging catalog or marketing strategy.

My Signature Self-Awareness Assignment

This questionnaire is the LBD (little black dress) of brand messaging questionnaires. It hugs you in all the right places, but does a shit job of concealing any jiggly bits you're trying to hide. I need intimate details about you, your brand, and your buyers.

Strategy Hour

After you've completed your questionnaire, we'll talk through your answers and any epiphanies you had (there will be some!) about your vision and goals.

Optional Upgrade: New Lead Magnet & 5-Email Welcome Sequence

Well you need to drive traffic to your new copy, don't you? Promote a lil' something new. Grow your list (it's important!), win friends and influence more people.

Apply now.

Brand Messaging & Web Copy Starting at $5,000

"The copy that Katie wrote literally does almost all of the work for me."


mmm, whatcha say?

HeatherLynn Gonzalez

Not only did Katie write incredible copy, but she also gave me insight into the psychology of copy and sales which has done so much for my business as well. And as for how the copy has served my business… wow. I cannot tell you how many inquiries I have received where the client said IN THEIR INITIAL EMAIL (before even speaking with me directly) something along the lines of “We love you already and trust you fully!” The copy that Katie wrote literally does almost all of the work for me. I don’t even have to say anything to prospective clients, and they already know what to expect from me and that they can trust me. While I’m sleeping, answering emails, working with other clients, my copy is there doing the selling for me - all day, every day. Katie knows exactly how to make your brand stand out and be noticed amongst the crowd. Hiring her will mean more inquiries, more sales, and more growth than your business has ever seen.

Wedding Photographer & Film Maker

“It’s safe to say I had no idea what copywriting even was before I met Katie. I didn’t understand what was missing in my business  and causing me fewer client leads; it was my copy! Nothing about my wording made clients want to invest in me. Once I started working with Katie, she completely transformed my email list, sales page, website, and much more. How was it that she could verbalize my brand better than me?! I’ve had a huge increase in my conversion rates since working with her. I can’t thank Kate enough!” 

How was it that she could verbalize my brand better than me?!


mmm, whatcha say?

Tatiana O'Hara

Operations & Team Consultant

"Can I hire you to write my social media captions too?"

and other questions I get asked a lot.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. No.

I don't think my copy is that bad. Do I really need this?

*raises eyebrow* Then what are you doing on this page? Hmmm.... ? My guess? You do. If "that bad" means your sales are suffering, yes, copy is what helps fix that. If you're a photographer whose website says, "I love capturing beautiful moments," or "professional third wheel," yes you need this. If your website copy is so fluffy that I can't tell you from Adam (or Eve)... you guessed it! You could benefit from a brand messaging & web copy glow up.

Who do you work with? Am I a good fit?

I work with creatives & coaches who are sure of themselves. You know what you bring to the table, and you're confident about your offers, talent, and your value. Copy ain't cheap, so we're not a good fit if you're in your first 1-2 years of business, you see yourself changing direction, or you're not financially sound enough for a 4-figure* investment. *3 if we're talking intensives.

I don't need the Full Monty 5+ pages. Can you just do a single page?

"...yeah, that's gonna be a no from me dawg." - Randy Jackson & me.
Here's why: I don't just write copy for fun. It's strategic. Every page has a role in the big picture brand message. To write one page would compromise the integrity of the message as a whole and I'm not about that.

Do you do web design too?

Does it look like I designed this site myself? I did, so don’t insult me. But that’s because I like a challenge, I’m OCD, and could use a lesson in humility. Short answer, just ask! I offer limited Copy & Creative Direction spots quarterly, depending on the availability of my exclusive brand & web designer, Sophie Haren. If you’re looking for a complete brand overhaul, please email me: hello@katiepannell.co

Do you do payment plans?

I do indeed! I can split payment into 3-5 monthly installments. For web copy, your first payment is due upon contract signing to hold your spot. For intensives, I ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit. (Ya know, since I've reserved my day for you. You understand.)

My copy is done. Can I hire you to edit it?

Short answer: if it'll take 4 hours of less, yes. Long answer: Mayhaps? I'm kiiinda a control freak when it comes to brand direction, messaging, and nerdy stuff like client research, and keywords. Copyediting doesn't give me that control. And that control is what gets my clients amazing results. (Show me some praise hands for Ashley's $10k day?!) Basically, I can't make poo smell like potpourri. So yeah, if it isn't poo to begin with. 

When can we start?

*raises eyebrows yet again...this time seductively* So my copy worked on you, huh? I'll be honest, I'm typically booked 2-3 months out so speak now or forever have sub-par copy. (Did I type that out loud?!)

3 industries. 3 voices. 3 raving fans.

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