I write best when I’m angry or under pressure. True story.

Usually, my written rants are the product of something I see on Facebook that SETS me OFF. Next thing I know, my brow is furrowed and my fingers are working up a sweat. It’s therapeutic really. Plus, you generally get something out of it which is a bonus for us both.

The following anecdote is the product of hanger; my personal nemesis (and creative muse!)


Date: 5.19.20

My DoorDash order is approx. 22 minutes away and I have to keep myself occupied before I eat a slice of cheese and spoil my dinner. (No, a single slice wouldn’t really spoil my dinner, but I might need that slice for a sandwich on the beach tomorrow!?)


Let’s talk about value.

What does it mean to “give value?” I’m imagining myself giving a lecture to the lot of you. College style.

One of you sheepishly raises your hand and says something along the lines of “to give away something; jab, jab, jab, right hook…”

Then, I pause. (Oh so dramatically.) I pace back in forth in preparation for a truly cinematic moment humiliating you in front of your peers. (Aren’t you glad you raised your hand?!)

“WRONG,” I say, “to give value can be as simple as making you smile, sending you a picture of the beach and asking you to drop your shoulders and take a few deep breaths, or… to make you feel something so deeply you shed a single tear.”

Are you seeing this as clearly in your head as I am mine?! If so, write me back and tell me what I’m wearing.

This is the part where you take notes. 😉

Value is the most overrated, underutilized advertising tool in the box.

Everyone and their mother preaches value. Give, give, give, they say. Serve, serve, serve THEN sell and not a moment before!

Riddle me this, does the Walmart greeter’s wave SERVE you?! No. But still, you spend. Does Jeff Bezos put free goodies in your packages in hopes you’ll spend more on Amazon? No.

Another hand sharply goes up, “But Katie, those are product-based businesses, what about services?” To which I say, “What about services?!”

Have I made you laugh?

Have I made you reconsider how you structure your content?

Both times, I gave VALUE, but not in the way a lot of business gurus would define it.

Do you feel cheated? Like I just kept asking for your money?

I’m giving value as. we. speak. I’m telling a story. Engaging you, and simultaneously serving you with a new value perspective. #meta

So lighten up on the education.

Because newsflash: there will be some people that never invest a DIME in your offers because they’re sitting there waiting for your next freebie to drop. They know you VALUE giving VALUE so they’ll sit on their hands, and consume allllllll your free content until their hard drives just can’t take another pdf.

Woof. My food is almost here. Just got the notification. That serves me well. And that Chinese restaurant didn’t offer me a single sample on a toothpick to get my money.

Value is nice to have, nice to give, but the bottom line is this…

People know what they want. People know what they need.

Giving them something for free is the slice of cheese that may or may not satisfy for a second. But just know they’re still waiting on the main dish. And they will buy it from whoever sells it first. Regardless of whether or not they already “know, like, & trust” you.

Sell it to them.

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